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Ceiling and Wall









About the properties of Ceiling and Wall coat

Often referred to as Matte, Chalky, Ceiling white

There are a number of reasons for selecting a Ceiling and Wall, namely;

  • Uses: Mainly used for ceilings, Interior walls of outbuildings and storerooms

  • Price: It is priced in the lower range of our Interior wall coatings

  • Traffic: It is ideal for ceilings and areas that will not require extensive cleaning

  • Senses: It has a chalky, slightly dry feel.

  • Pigmentation: Low pigment and glue content makes it an affordable product

  • Scrubs: Not recommended for cleaning other than just wiping down

  • Durability: Low, mainly used as ceiling paint

  • Lustre: Non-reflective chalky paint

  • VOC: Very low, slight odour when applied but dissapates within a few hours

  • Surfaces: Ceilings and basic interior walls

Note: When overcoated with our NANO SEAL SP25 this product can serve as a low cost wall paint which will be washable.

We strongly recommend our NANO SEAL SP 25 as a undercoat, this will enhance the final appearance and quality of the product. (Not recommended to paint NANO SEAL SP 25 onto ceilings unless it is going to be overcoated. This is for aesthetic reason only.














To water down paint will reduce the adhesion proprties and the coverage of the paint