Epoxy Coating

Products are manufactured under license to KL Smith Paint Formulations
This Material Safety Data Sheet has been reproduced with permission from KL Smith Paint Formulations

Health Hazard Information

Swallowed:   Not considered a likely route of entry. The liquid is discomforting and mildly toxic if ingested. Ingestion may result in nausea, abdominal irritation, pain and vomiting.
Eyes:   The liquid is discomforting to the eyes and is capable of causing mild, temporary irritation. The vapour is mildly discomforting to the eyes.
Skin:    The liquid is mildly discomforting to the skin. If exposure is prolonged, it is capable of causing reactions.
Inhalation:   The vapour / mist is mildly discomforting to the upper respiratory tract and lungs.





Technical data sheet 

Material safety data sheet

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